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Attention existing and potential clients and customers,

I have completely switched to a virtual practice due to COVID-19 as a result of no longer requiring an office to meet with patients. We continue to see a thriving practice and patients are seen via Simple Practice. Mediations and other services will be conducted via Zoom. Please be sure to note the change in office location to P.O.Box 2656, Acworth, GA 30102. Thank you very much for your support and understanding! Stay well!

2024 Workshop and Event Schedule

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How to Execute an Order for "1013" and "2013" in Georgia

Join us for a 3-hour workshop (9:00 am— 12:00 pm or 1:00 pm—4:00 pm)* on How to Execute an Order for “1013” and “2013” in Georgia, where we will:

  1. Learn the standards for involuntary commitment.
  2. Learn the procedures for executing an order for “1013” mental health involuntary commitment.
  3. Learn the procedures for executing an order for “2013” substance abuse involuntary commitment.
  4. Learn ethical considerations for executing an order for involuntary commitment.

APPROVED by LPCA & the GSCSW for 3 CEs


Times: 9:00 am—12:00 pm


1:00 pm—4:00 pm

Location: Online

 Join us for a 6-hour workshop (10:30 am— 4:00 pm) on Ethics for the Mental Health Professional where we will:

  • Provide an overview of the Professional Ethics Guidelines for different Mental Health Professionals.
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the Professional Ethical Guidelines governing your field.
  • Discuss protocols and best practices for handling ethical dilemmas. .

Previously Approved CE's:

LPCA-GA - Approved for 5 hours

GSCSW - Approved for 5 hours

NASW-GA (5 Ethics hours)

Pending Approval by LPCA & GSCSW for 5 Ethics hours


Time: 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM


Location: Online -



Join us for a 7-hour workshop (9:00 am— 5:00 pm) on Assertiveness & Conflict Management for the Mental Health Professional where we will:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of Conflict Management skills.
  • Develop the use of Assertiveness to manage conflicts.
  • Learn how to train your clients to practice assertiveness and other conflict management skills as a coping skill.
  • Practice the use of assertiveness and conflict management skills in therapy.


Are you a Mental Health Professional considering opening your own private practice?

Do you know what you need to get started?

Attend this 4 hour workshop 9:00 am - 1:00 pm to have the most vital questions answered, as well as ask your questions specific to your business. Areas covered include the following:

· Organizational setup

· Physical setup

· Document setup

· Financial considerations (including Insurance, Self-Pay, & Sliding Scale)

· Ethical & Legal considerations

· Helpful Resources

Workshop Dates:



How do I work with Insurance Companies?

  • Where do I begin to work with insurance companies?
  • How to get credentialed with insurance companies?
  • How do I bill the insurance companies for payment of services rendered?
  • How do I correct a submitted claim?
  • Is it worth it for me?

All of these questions and more are addressed in this informative 2-Part workshop on Considerations for Working with Insurance Companies.  

Workshop Dates:


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